RFQ for accommodation, meals, venue and local transport

IOM invites interested eligible Suppliers to submit Quotations for the following services:

  • Accommodation for 25 participants  x 3 nights for the period 1-4 July 2015
  • 4 meals (1 lunch and 3 dinners) for 30 participants
  • 2 coffee breaks for 30 participants
  • Meeting room for 1,5 days for 30 participants
  • Shuttle services to and from airport for about 7 groups
  • 2 mini vans for short trips, one in Bucharest and one to Giurgiu and back 


With this RFQ is the GIS which include the Instructions to Suppliers, Technical Specifications and administrative requirements that Suppliers will need to follow in order to prepare and submit their quotation. 


Quotations shall be submitted by e-mail at procurement.ro@iom.int, by 17 June 2015, at 17h00 at the latest.