ADMin4ALL - Supporting Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Migrants in Europe – II phase

ADMin4ALL - Supporting Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Migrants in Europe is an initiative aimed at increasing the capacity of local authorities to develop sustainable strategies for the social and economic integration of vulnerable migrants.

In our country, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca are two of the representative cities that have become a new home for migrants from countries outside the European Union. In order to better understand the needs of migrants and manage their expectations, training sessions were organized in the benefit of local public authorities, for which the integration of migrants has become a priority.

In the first phase of the project (between March 2016 and December 2017), the implementation of ADMiN4ALL project has helped strengthen the capacity of local administrations and social services providers in four countries (Italy, Austria, Romania and Poland) to support, at local level, vulnerable migrants. In total, there were 38 training sessions and 12 study visits organized, involving about 500 people and a trans-national network of 14 cities, which now benefit from increased competencies in managing the socio-economic inclusion of migrants.

In the second phase, the aim is, first of all, to facilitate the provision of more accessible and inclusive socio-economic services at local level to the increasingly diverse population. Secondly, it is aimed at expanding the number of countries (Greece, Spain and Malta), partner municipalities from the states already involved (Palermo, Verona, Innsbruck, Gdansk, Oradea, Galati) and strengthening the capacity to provide services to those are already taking part in the program.


The second phase will:

  1. Further strengthen the capacity of local social service providers in existing cities and extend training activities to new cities, developing new tools to support them
  2. Enhance political commitment and support coordination to improve socio-economic integration services
  3. Promote the exchange of municipal experiences across the EU, document and disseminate best practices



  1. Update Existing Training Curriculum
  2. Add additional modules:
  • anti-discrimination
  • conflict management
  1. Produce extra stand-alone trainings on:
  • human trafficking
  • labour exploitation
  • legal literacy and legislative/policy updates
  1. Organize ToT sessions as needed, engaging key people as lead trainers per country


The Scoping study regarding the 12 municipalities involved and the training needs of the staff and the training curriculum for developing the capacity of municipalities for socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable migrants are available below.


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