Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration(AVRR) program


  The International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Mission in Romania, in partnership with the    Refugee Jesuit Service (JRS), implements the Support Program for Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (RVAR) project, contract number FAMI / 17.01.02, co-financed under the National  Program - Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund through the Immigration General Inspectorate (IGI).

 The program is addressing the migrants wishing to return home and are part of the following categories:

 (a) migrants whose requests for a form of protection in Romania have been irrevocably rejected by the Romanian authorities

 (b) migrants who decided to withdraw from the asylum procedure or TCNs who have already renounced a form of protection already obtained, according to the national applicable law;

 (c) migrants who have to leave Romania as a result of an administrative decision of the Romanian competent authorities or TCNs who fulfil the conditions for such a decision to be made.

 The project is also aimed at informing a wider public, such as local and central public institutions with  attributions in the field of migration, NGOs, mass media and the general public in Romania.

 The benefits of the program

 People who fall into the above categories and want to return home can benefit from:

·       Flight ticket from Bucharest to the home country;

·       IOM assistance and advice before departure, in the airport, during transit and upon arrival in the country of origin.

·       Assistance in dealing with the diplomatic missions of the countries of origin, if the migrant does not have a travel document and one must be issued;

·       The equivalent of about $ 100 cash, before departure;

·       Persons enrolled in the project who are in a precarious financial situation may receive social benefits for a limited number of days prior to departure;

·       Migrants who want to attend may have a vocational course before leaving Romania;

·       Support for reintegration into the home country.

What is the support for reintegration into the country of origin?

Migrants who want to start a small business at home, attend classes, or when they come back home they need some basic stuff - food, clothes, dishes, etc., can be helped by IOM with a certain amount of money.

What should migrants do to get the money?

·       They will have a discussion with IOM advisers to talk about the plans they have once returned home;

·       Migrants will sign a reintegration plan and a reintegration agreement;

·       Once home, the migrant will contact the IOM office from his/her home country and the counselors there will advise him again about the best reintegration options.

·       Once the migrant has decided on the products / services he / she wishes, on the basis of the invoices, the home IOM will pay for the products / services and the migrant can start a new life.

The categories of products or services that can be purchased for the reintegration plan:

·       Material (base furniture, clothes, food, kitchenware and household appliances etc.);

·       Medical;

·       For professional equipment (purchase of tools / equipment to support the setting up of a small business);

·       Temporary accommodation;

·       Vocational courses;

·       Others, depending on the outcome of discussions between the migrant and the counselor.

The reintegration allowance is not granted in cash

·      For a person to be eligible for reintegration assistance, there is a need for an IOM mission / office in his / her country of destination.

Project activities

• Advising migrants on voluntary return;

• Performing assisted voluntary return;

• Assistance with the reintegration of returnees into their countries of origin;

• Organizing guidance / monitoring missions in the destination countries where migrants who received reintegration assistance were returned;

• Information activities on the assisted voluntary return program in Romania.



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