Orientation manual for Syrian refugees resettled from Turkey to Romania

This material is addressed to people to be resettled from Turkey to Romania in order to receive some form of international protection.
The material includes general information about Romania, fundamental rights and responsibilities, access to services, interaction with Romanian society and foreign communities, and other useful information for shaping and managing the expectations regarding the stay and integration into the Romanian society. The information will help you prepare for your arrival in Romania and to have an easier accommodation after your arrival.
The manual contains more information and you should not worry that you will not be able to remember it all. Its role is to give you answers to the questions whenever you might have them and to help you understand, socially and culturally, the new host country as well as the rights and responsibilities you will have.
Romania is a country where you can feel at home. However, not everything will be very simple from the beginning. There will be moments when you will feel confused or you will miss home. We have included in this manual basic information on various aspects that you will encounter in everyday life in Romania, but most information about life in your new country will be obtained after you actually get there and install yourself.
Note that no manual can answer all questions, and understanding a new country is a process that has been going on for many years. Thus, it is very important to have patience and especially with the desire to learn, adapt and integrate.
Download the manual in Romanian.
Download the manual in English.
Download the manual in Arabic.