Migration Initiatives 2017

The 2017 edition of IOM's Migration Initiatives  focuses on the major evolutions planned for 2017 and brings the Migration Governance Framework to the country and regional levels, where IOM activities have the strongest impact. The input collected from country and regional offices is the main focus of MI17.

For the first time, funding requirements per country and region are displayed by MIGOF principles and objectives, making MI17 the first complete MIGOF based planning document of IOM. It contributes to aligning IOM strategic documents, such as the new reports, to MIGOF structures. For 2017, IOM is seeking USD 2,634,440,075 to implement its proposed activities worldwide.

Migration Initiatives remains the only IOM publication that presents programmatic information on IOM activities worldwide in one single compendium and draws a complete picture where all planned activities fit into one overall framework.

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