Countering Human Trafficking

IOM works in partnership with governments, the United Nations system, international and non-governmental organizations, the private sector and
development partners on all aspects of counter-trafficking responses – prevention, protection, and prosecution. 


Adressing the needs of migrant children

Migrant children represent a significant share of the migrant and refugee population; one in every eight migrants worldwide being a child (UNICEF, 2016). Children migrate for multiple reasons: to flee persecution, war and violence; to reunite with family members abroad; and to seek better economic and educational opportunities. Migrant children are susceptible to violence, abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.


Defining and Measuring Sustainable Reintegration in the Context of Return

Recent years have seen the rise of larger scale irregular migratory flows as a result of continually limited regular migration channels and unaddressed drivers of migration. The numbers of migrants returning to their countries of origin have increased too, as well as the diversity of actors involved and the intricacy of challenges.


Global Assistance Fund - Emergency Support for Vulnerable Migrants

IOM’s Global Assistance Fund (GAF) was created in 2000 with the aim of providing immediate emergency protection and assistance services for victims of trafficking who were identified in locations where local actors have limited capacity to respond to their needs.


Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration - Giving Voice to the Returnees

Migration is often perceived as a one-way journey, starting from one’s homeland to a new country of destination. However, the reality can be more complex. For some, the need to go back home is felt at a certain point, triggered by the desire to reunite with family, changed conditions in either host countries or countries of origin, or the lack of legal status and work opportunities.