IOM Annual Report for 2014

In 2014, IOM Romania offered support to more than 2.000 TCNs (Third Country Nationals), out of which 138 persons recieved material assistance.  Over 400 migrants were assisted through counselling and information services available in the General Inspectorate for Immigration open and closed facilities for irregular migrants and asylum seekers. Voluntary return was organized for 114 beneficiaries, of which 36 also received basic material assistance prior to departure, and 47 have benefited from social reintegration support post-return. Furthermore, more than 1.500 representatives of central and local authorities, civil society and migrant communities attended IOM events. 

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IOM Annual Report for 2013

The report presents the main areas of intervention, activities and results of the IOM Office in Romania in 2013. The first two chapters introduce IOM and its Office in Romania, emphasizing both the worldwide nature of the Organization's mission and the main areas of intervention in Romania.

Migration trends in Romania are the subject of the third chapter, which presents key statistical figures and important national and international challenges. The fourth chapter outlines the work implemented by IOM Romania in each of its main intervention areas, namely: (a) facilitating migration, (b) regulating migration, (c) addressing forced migration through refugee resettlement and (d) migration health. Public events are a major component of IOM Romania's activities, and the fifth chapter outlines some of the events organized in 2013. Finally, the report gives an overview of IOM Romania's funding sources and areas of expenditure for the reporting year.

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