Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) – EEA and Switzerland Monthly Report – November 2018

Although IOM’s AVRR programs continue to be the only option for migrants in vulnerable situations who want to return home but lack the means to do so, monthly reports produced by IOM’s Regional Office for the EU, EEA and NATO, show a gradual decrease in the number of migrants who chose to return home through IOM’s AVRR programmes.

In line with the trends observed in the last two years, EEA and Switzerland continues to be the region with the largest proportion of migrants returning home. As can be observed from the charts below,  31.687 migrants went back to their countries of origin with the help of AVRR between January and November 2018 compared to 47.190 in the same period of 2017. This marks a 33% decrease in the number of returns between the first eleven months of 2018 and 2017. The relative percentage decrease has been largely the same in the case of each individual month in 2018 compared to the coresponding periods of 2017.

November has been the month with the lowest number of returns in 2018 (2.418) whilst March has remained the month with the highest number of registered returns (3.350) up until November 2018. In November the 2418 beneficiaries have returned to 92 countries of origin. The main host countries were Germany (957), Greece (484), the Netherlands (304) Austria (262) and Belgium (160) whilst Iraq (328), Albania (214), Georgia (169), Iran (146), Russian Federation (146), have been the main countries of origin.

Compared to the previous month, November has witnessed a slight decrease (16 %) in the number of AVRR returns, and also a slight decrease in the number of countries of origin (from 95 to 92). The gender distribution has largely remained the same as in the previous month. A noteworthy development since October 2018 is the increase in the number of AVRR returns to the Republic of Iran which was ranked among the first ten countries of origin with the highest number of returnees for the second time in 2018. The only other month in which Iran registered a significant number of returns was September 2018.

Overall, for the first eleven months of 2018, the main countries of origin have remained Iraq (5.092), Georgia (2.475) and Albania (2.054) followed by Russian Federation (1.821), Ukraine (1.738). In terms of host countries, the top five are Germany (15.098), Greece (4.571), Austria (3.197), Belgium (2.602) and Netherlands (1.932).

For a more visual interpretation of the aforementioned tendencies, you can download the full report here.


 * Periodic data is provisional and should therefore be considered as an estimation. AVRR global data is reviewed and finalized on an annual basis.