Adressing the needs of migrant children

Migrant children represent a significant share of the migrant and refugee population; one in every eight migrants worldwide being a child (UNICEF, 2016). Children migrate for multiple reasons: to flee persecution, war and violence; to reunite with family members abroad; and to seek better economic and educational opportunities. Migrant children are susceptible to violence, abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.
Different factors contribute to migrant children’s vulnerability, including preexisting risk factors at individual, household, community, and structural levels; the specific reasons why they have migrated; and the specific conditions they face during travel, transit, and at destination. These vulnerabilities are intensified for those migrant children who are unaccompanied or separated.
More information on IOM's work with and for migrant children in countries of origin as well as in host countries, can be found by reading the full report here.