Global Assistance Fund - Emergency Support for Vulnerable Migrants

IOM’s Global Assistance Fund (GAF) was created in 2000 with the aim of providing immediate emergency protection and assistance services for victims of trafficking who were identified in locations where local actors have limited capacity to respond to their needs.
Since 2000, the Fund has expanded its eligibility criteria to include other migrants vulnerable to violence, exploitation, and abuse, who are in need of protection and assistance (such as separated and unaccompanied migrant children).
The services provided by the GAF are tailored-made to each individual’s unique requirements. Once a vulnerable migrant is identified, an IOM case worker completes an initial assessment to determine the migrant’s immediate needs. Immediate needs often include urgent medical care and immediate safety and security.
Once these needs are attended to, the case worker undertakes longer-term assistance planning with the migrant, so that their unique concerns are addressed and a pathway towards sustainable recovery is identified.
The case worker coordinates provision of the services required by the migrant, and ensures continuity of care through to eventual case closure.
Some of the services that are frequently provided include shelter and clothing; mental and physical health care; family tracing and reunification; and voluntary return and reintegration.
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