Request for proposals for Mobile solution for biometric enrolment

In the framework of the project Strengthening the institutional coordination capacity of the Moldovan Bureau for Migration and Asylum in the field of migrant reception, admission, regulation of stay and integration in the Republic of Moldova, IOM Romania invites interested eligible Suppliers to submit Quotations for the supply and delivery of a Mobile solution for biometric enrolment, no later than 5 September 2016, latest 23:00 (local time).

Update: Please also read the answers to Request of Clarifications



We received questions of general interest from potential tenderers. Please find herewith the answers to this questions.


Question 1: This bid is for one piece. Is it part of a larger inquiry after its evaluation?

Answer: The bid is indeed for one piece, part of a single inquiry. No further inquiries are foreseen at short term.


Question 2: Although you ask for a mobile device there is also a request for a BT keyboard. Please clarify.

Answer: Our request is to have a USB keyboard, optional - with the possibility to connect a wireless keyboard.


Question 3: What is the required screen size? Do you want a tablet or a handheld device?

Answer: The preferred screen size is 12” - 15”, but not more than 15”.


Question 4: There is no battery specified in the specifications. Which battery capacity do you desire?

Answer: The work time of battery should be of approximately 6 hours.


Question 5: 2 x single fingerprint readers. Do you mean two separate units on the device? Which certification is necessary?

Answer:  The device should have two incorporated single fingerprint scaners. The reason is to take the fingerprints simultaniously. 


Question 6: On the cards side please let us know which ISO specs we must respect and if you require any kind of certification.

Answer:  The device should read travel documents, passports, ID cards (non-biometric and biometric according to ICAO standards). 


Question 7: Please let us know if the technical specification is must demands and it does not mention anything regarding the software. Please let us know if you have any software specification that should be added to the technical specification.

Answer: The software of the device should be compatible with Windows 7 and later versions. The device should include web-services necessary for the integration with 3th party application.