Project „Tandem with NGOs to support victims of trafficking in human beings (VoT) – TaNGO” - launching conference

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), Office in Romania, organized on 21st of November 2017, in Bucharest, at Hotel Parliament, 106 Izvor Street, the launching conference of the project “Tandem with NGOs to support victims of trafficking in human beings (VoT) – TaNGO”.

The project is implemented over a period of 22 months, within the framework of the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme to Reduce Economic and Social Disparities within the Enlarged European Union.

The total project value is of 550.000,00 CHF, with a Swiss contribution of 499,608.83CHF representing 90,84% of the total value and a co-financing from IOM and the project implementing partners of 50,391.17 CHF, representing 9,16% of the total budget.

The project partners are:

-        Asociația pentru Dezvoltarea Practicilor Alternative de Reintegrare și Educație (ADPARE), Bucharest;

-        Fundația Micu Bogdan (FMB), Brașov;

-        Fundația People to People (P2P), Oradea.

The main objective of the project is to:

·        Strengthen assistance and protection of Romanian victims of internal and international trafficking (VoTs) according to national and international standards.

Main project outcomes:

@  The development of the human capacity of Romanian nationals, victims of internal and international trafficking, to sustainably rehabilitate and integrate in the home families/communities

@  National Identification and Referral Mechanism (NIRM) through improved coordination of return cases with the governmental and non-governmental structures and awareness raising on VoT protection and assistance available amongst actors of the NIRM.

The aim of the launching conference was to raise awareness of the audience on the project and its activities.

The event benefited from the presence of the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Romania – His Excellency Mr. Urs HERREN, the representative of the Swiss Intermediate Body (SIB)  – Mrs Stela Haxhi, as well as from the Romanian representatives of the civil society and governmental institutions involved in counter trafficking activities.



Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

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