Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) session, organized in Istanbul, for the beneficiaries of the STARRT I resettlement programme, by IOM Romania in collaboration with IOM Turkey

Between 4-8 June 2017, IOM Romania in collaboration with IOM Turkey, organized a pre-departure orientation session for the 11 beneficiaries of the STARRT I programme, during which the participants were iinformed in regards to their new host country (culture, people, labour market, study options etc.).

For this purpose, IOM Romania selected Ms. Bilquis Al-Sharabi, Yemeni and Romanian citizen, fluent in English, Arabic and Romanian. She was put in contact with Yusuf Koroglu, IOM CO trainer in Istanbul, for the preparation of the PDO session. Before the PDO took place, Ms. Al-Sharabi had the opportunity to assist a one-day PDO session in Istanbul for refugees resettled to the Netherlands and coordinated in detail the PDO session with Yusuf Koroglu on the spot. 


In addition, before the PDO, Ms. Al-Sharabi was in contact with the participants, as well as with their families in Romania, and helped outlining their profile, needs for the training and for the first days upon arrival in Romania. Ms. Al-Sharabi was also included in the implementing partner’s project team and currently works with the Schottener Social Services Foundation as project counsellor in the INTERACT PLUS project and in STARRT II, allowing thus for a close follow up with the resettled families, consistency and coherency of the integration in Romania.



The agenda agreed by the trainers and the donor was largely inspired by the Canadian PDO model and followed as well the PDO manual IOM Romania developed in Romanian, Arabic and English in March 2017. The IOM trainer delivered the sessions related to travelling and luggage on day two, on work and job finding on day three, on cultural adaptation and cultural shock on day five. During these sessions, the trainer from Romania also contributed with specific elements related to the Romanian labour market and solutions to mitigate the cultural shock.