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Every day, in the world, someone is in difficulty, be it a victim of trafficking in Belgium, a family escaping from a natural disaster in Malaysia or a fellow countryman in distress, without money to return home, in a distant country, after working for years. These operations are, unfortunately, extremely expensive and, unfortunately, they happen more often than one may wish. That is why we need your help to help other Romanians return home in the arms of their loved ones.


Donate and help us provide assistance to many Romanian citizens in vulnerable situations outside the country.
International Organization for Migration (IOM) (11th Viitorului Street, District 2, code 020602)
Account in RON : RO45 CITI 0000 0008 2504 5007
Account in USD : RO23 CITI 0000 0008 2504 5015
Banca: Citibank Europe plc, Dublin- sucursala Romania


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 The International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Mission in Romania, aims to involve as many      Romanian private companies as possible in managing the migration phenomenon The multidimensional  nature of migration makes private sector involvement an essential component of the development of  integrated migration management. In a constantly changing competitive market, the three sectors  (private, governmental and non-governmental) need to work together to meet customer exigencies,  create a sustainable communication channel, and avoid irreversible social tragedies (for example, the  situation of the hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving in Europe across the Mediterranean Sea).

 IOM's expertise facilitates the understanding of local social mechanisms for the private sector and    improves the relationship between companies and the community. Also, the expertise gained in migration management allows the IOM to provide companies with a set of measures that are effective in terms of human resources. The goal of the IOM for the near future is to generate and coordinate a Friends of IOM platform to find effective solutions that work based on common economic and social interests, opening up yet untapped markets and industries for the Romanian business environment. IOM Romania's Office is basing its day-to-day work on the OIM network around the world, so companies will find in this organization a prestigious partner capable of working remotely and identifying new opportunities.
In the business climate that followed the economic crisis of 2008, companies have identified new creative solutions to keep their business going and generate profit, maximizing resource efficiency. Working together with IOM, companies can use their CSR budget for such just and useful causes for society. By mutually benefiting from their accumulated experience and knowledge, companies, in collaboration with the IOM, can capitalize on the same shared resources for the mutual benefit, with concrete, favorable outcomes for the communities they are focusing on. Thus, companies can get involved and can help with funds improving consular assistance for repatriation, rehabilitation of victims of social, economic and psychological trafficking, providing jobs, part of the reintegration process, mediating company interventions in communities where they are active or willing to develop, the development of local strategies and intervention plans, and the development of business incubators in communities that register a large number of people working outside the country. The IOM can also help to identify workforce in other areas of the world to cover temporary or permanent needs in active companies on the Romanian market and, last but not least, ensure the certification of ethical recruitment and staffing practices, especially for companies that carry out export activities.
Thus, concluding the benefits of the private sector are:
  • You differentiate yourself from competition and strengthen loyalty to the brand by emotionally associating your name / brand with a humanitarian cause and associating your image with an international and intergovernmental organization whose credibility is recognized nationally and internationally;
  • You can identify qualified as well as unskilled workforce in other areas of the world to cover temporary or permanent needs within your company, and last but not least, you can participate in certifying ethical recruitment and staffing practices, especially for companies doing business Export activities - IRIS platform;
  • You can create communication and marketing opportunities by engaging in the IOM platform - Friends of IOM (discussion platform to find effective solutions that work on common economic and social interests, opening up for the Romanian business environment markets and untapped areas) ;
  • You improve your reputation in the community in which you work and benefit from the IOM expertise on communicating with government and local officials on punctual development issues, understanding local social mechanisms and improving the relationship between companies and the community.